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Here are the 10 best sex toy reviews on the internet!

(Please note: These reviews are by no means comprehensive; they are just a sampling. Feel free to share the best reviews you have read about sex toys with me in the comments below!)

For this list, I went through each website, and looked at reviews from each site. I didn't bother to include reviews that didn't contain a sex toy review at all, as this would just be duplicated and/or not relevant to the topic at hand. This also means I missed some great reviews that are still out there!

To start, I will list all of the sites listed in the bottom-right of each review. In other words, these reviews are not from one single website.

If you have never tried anything from one of these sites before, they are often better than those from other sites, and it's a nice change of pace from the usual.

There are also some sites that I just can't find good reviews on. This is where you come in. You can help me out by giving me good reviews on your favorite sex toy, and I'll list them below. It's much appreciated.

For a more detailed review, I would recommend checking out the official review here.

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