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Are there health problems associated with using these products?

There is no evidence that these products cause any problems for your body. However, some people use them in ways that they should not because the ingredients have unknown health effects. If you use this product and get a serious medical condition, talk to your doctor about a medication that can be used instead.

There is not enough research on the effects of some ingredients. However, many of the active ingredients are common ingredients in many other products on this site, and the risks associated with using these ingredients could be similar. Please refer to the ingredients listed on this site.

Will you tell me about a product that I can't use because it's dangerous?

Yes. If you have used a product that you are not familiar with, or if there is a medical problem that requires immediate medical attention, we recommend contacting your doctor about the use of the product in question. We are also able to recommend other products for sale. If you need a prescription, please don't hesitate to call our customer service department.

What are your product information and how will I know when I've received the products?

All products that we carry on the site are sent out free of charge via FedEx (US only), UPS, or USPS first class mail (US and International).

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