Protein bars | 10 tips for the best results!

I don't claim to have all the answers. So please don't ask me "what is the best protein bar?" I will answer your questions here.

I am a registered dietitian and dietitian nutritionist (CDS) with nearly 20 years of experience in diet and nutrition counseling. I offer nutrition counseling to both adults and children. I specialize in helping clients with: • Eating disorders • Food and nutrition education • Eating disorders prevention • Weight loss • Weight management • and most nutrition/skeletal issues I can also assist with: • Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, blood pressure issues, arthritis • And more! If you would like to talk with me about your concerns, please contact me. My office hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time). My practice has been recognized as the highest-ranked in the nation, and I have been featured on the TV show "Good Morning America" on the Food Network. I have had over 50 publications published in top health magazines and newspapers, and the latest one has been named "Healthiest in the Nation!" My office is located in downtown Seattle, and can be reached at the following address:

Dr. T. Michael Sadowski

Medical Office 515 N. 1st Ave., Suite 100-200 Seattle, WA 981

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